365 Days of Hairpins

July 19, 2014


Going about the house the other day I stumbled upon a black hairpin beside the bathroom sink.

Later, I found another hairpin on the sofa. And another on the dining table. Another on the bed, and so on and so forth.

For a male who has been living alone for more than a decade, it was first uncomfortable and a bit irritating to find these items scattered over the house.

But these are truly very sweet reminders that I am in a blessed partnership. Last June we celebrated our 1st year anniversary.  And after 365 days of  being married to Maricar, I am asked what is the one thing I most like about her?

I like it most that she is SUPPORTIVE of me in GOOD AND BAD seasons.

I think I can best illustrate this with a simple story:

Joel is married to Jenny.

Joel is enticed to a business deal. He tells Jenny about it.

Jenny tells Joel she DOES NOT SEE IT GOOD. But Joel decides to take the business anyway. Jenny supports his decision.

After 2 years, the business fails.

When Joel was telling me the end of his story, he said, “I FELL IN LOVE WITH MY WIFE MORE THAN THE DAY WE GOT MARRIED.” Puzzled, I asked why?

Joel answered: “Would you believe, during those 2 years, Jenny never, not even once, bad-mouthed me to her closest friends and family about my decision?  When the business folded up she didn’t even say, ‘I told you so!”

Jenny voiced her opinion, but at the end she let me lead, and SUPPORTED ME THROUGH IT–even when my decision was contrary to hers. That is so difficult to do.”

Wow. I think I have seen more marriages DIE  because both spouses believed they were right and wanted the other to follow suit. Both wanted to lead, but in opposite directions.

And one year of having Maricar’s support in my good and bad times continue to amaze and melt me in my own blind spots of rigid control, overstepping dominance, feisty pride and critical self-righteousness. Her steady support makes me want to be a better man.

It’s one thing to go gaga over a girl’s looks, but it’s an added and powerful admiration when it’s her character that hits you over the head.

Now when I see a hairpin, I know better that it doesn’t just support hair. It’s a reminder that the most beautiful woman in my eyes has given her life to support me as a leader, good or bad.

Now doesn’t every man need his own “hairpin”? ?

Our overflowing thanks to those who encourage and pray for our marriage. We’d like to share our 1st anniversary photos with you ?







  For more photos, click here.


Posted by jon, July 19, 2014


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