When I Didn’t Do What My Parents Wanted

April 17, 2018

My parents are proud of me, but I believe they still wish I was a full-time doctor. 🙂

In 2nd grade, my teacher asked what I wanted to be when I grew up. Without thinking I said, “doctor” —and that was my dream until 2nd year medschool.

Then reality hit me. I could endure long study hours and loved seeing people get better. But when I made some money on the side as a model, I wanted to invest it. Slowly I realized my passion and interest wasn’t in medicine anymore. I will always admire doctors, but I didn’t want to do that for a living.

So I told my dad I wanted to quit med and and get into modelling full time. My new dream was to save money and start my own business.

My dad was thrilled.

Of course not. 😛 He was horrified! Giving up a stable and noble profession to be a model?!

He wanted me to finish medschool. He hoped this “new dream” was just a phase. “Pagod ka lang. Lilipas din yan.”  So out of love and respect for my parents, I pressed on until I finished.

After years of intense learning and sleepless nights, I finally earned the honor of placing “Dr.” in front of my name—but my new dream still did not die.

Relieved, my dad gave me more freedom. “At least now you have a degree that no one can take away,” he said. But even with a stable job as a new doctor, I was more passionate about reviving my modelling career. I still wanted to earn and invest!

So I auditioned, got rejected, worked at my doctor job, auditioned again… until one day my agent got a call from Star Magic’s Mr. M to join showbiz. From there began the most eventful 9 years of my life —long work hours, controversy, fans and bashers, discovering I enjoy acting, finding my husband, saving money and finally… FINALLY… setting up my cake business.On Sunday, my staff’s rest day, I sometimes sit in the middle of my small-but-growing kitchen. I get teary eyed, because this was my dream —to save and invest in a business of my own. I have a great job, a product that I love to eat, and a business team that is strong in areas I am weak. 

Do I regret not practicing medicine? Not really. “Sayang” is not enough reason for me to go back to med full time. I’m happy being the private doctor of family, friends, and my staff. 

Do I regret following my parent’s wishes to finish school? Not anymore. The experience, abilities, and discipline I got from med school helped a lot in my acting and business roles. My dad was right —I do feel more secure with a degree that no one can take away.

Be crazy in your dreams, but wise in making them come true. Excited for you! Take heart!


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Posted by relationshipmatters, April 17, 2018


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