Do Gifts Matter?

January 16, 2017
do gifts matter
My friend Sharon (not her real name) can’t spend as much time with her husband. They live in Quezon city while he works in Makati. He gets home by 9pm, and leaves again before 5 am, just to beat the traffic. They often spend less than 10 hours a day together, including sleeping.


If I were her, I’d want more time close to my husband. Every overtime at the office would be a chance to pick a fight. I’d feel his career was more important than me. So I don’t understand how Sharon can still gaze at him with sincere admiration and be “kilig.” (Giddy, excited and happy.)


Sharon is different from me. She’s a gifts person. Her husband has a habit of buying her small presents. Its his way of saying that he thought of her while he was away. Sharon receives love THE BEST through gifts.
He could send her texts, or call to say he’s thinking of her. But her husband knows that GIFTS are the best way to communicate his love.
And the biggest reason why he spends so much time in the office these days? He’s working hard for his ultimate gift to her –a house of their own.
Sharon is a GIFTS person!


A new home: Sharon’s ultimate gift from her husband! (Photo:
My husband Richard is more comfortable expressing his love using words (conversations, letters, etc.). Although he knows his sister Eva likes letters and hugs, enjoys spending quality time, and appreciates little acts of service (bringing her home, carrying her bag, etc.), only lately did he realize that GIFTS also bring positive emotions to Eva.


With Richard’s sister, Eva. (Photo from IG: @rebeltsinaypanda)


So one time, he surprised her with a pair of fashionable shoes we saw in Taiwan. To say she was “happy” with them, is a huge understatement.

Photo from Eva’s IG: @rebeltsinaypanda


Another time in Japan, Richard and his sister were in a store where she was going to buy a bag she had been saving up for. She thought he was just tagging along, then he surprised her at the cashier by paying for the bag!

A tearful hug after Richard gave her the bag she had been saving for, for over a year


To Eva, gifts show how much a person knows about her. They also represent the effort a person is willing to put into making her feel loved.
I feel most loved with TOUCH. Richard with WORDS. Others may feel most loved with Gifts.
We are all made differently! Take time to find out what “love language” you and your loved ones (BF/GF, spouse, parents, best friend, cousins, etc.) “speak.” Try speaking their language! They just might want to speak yours in return too!

Which expression of love creates the DEEPEST EMOTIONAL RESPONSE in you (and your loved ones)? Gifts? Touch? Acts of service? Words/letters?
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