Some Chinese Families Still Look Down on a Filipina Bride

September 21, 2017



A FILIPINA girl having serious problems MARRYING A CHINESE man messages my wife on our Relationship Matters Ph Facebook page
(For those who don’t know, I’m pure-Chinese who married a Filipina.)
Here is my wife MARICAR’s reply to Filipina girl:

“Wo Ai Ni’, chinese for “I love you”/”Mahal kita”



I remember a famous Chinese businessman here in Manila, telling me about how his family was against him marrying his non-chinese wife.
I think it went so far as he was DISOWNED for a time.
It was really bad. But they persevered as man and wife, building businesses on their own. He really loved and fought for her. He was sure. He was committed.
Another story — a Chinese friend of ours knew his family disapproved of his Filipina girlfriend.


He loved her, but was constantly pressured by the complaints of his family to choose “anyone except her.”


Eventually, he couldn’t take it anymore. They broke up. (Both of them now are happily married to other people, btw. So its all good.)
Praying for the best for you…”

Top rating Philippine TV soap opera “Pls. Be Careful with my Heart” features Chinese boss falling in love with Filipina:)


I think it boils down to DOES THE MAN LOVE HIS GIRL MORE THAN HIS OWN FAMILY? Desidido ba sya? (Is he really sure?)
If not, the relationship will break apart eventually.


If you are a woman who was left by a Chinese man who chose his family(parents, grandparents) over you, as much as it hurts like hell, be happy too that God helped you to AVOID A LIFETIME of dealing with a family that will have difficulty supporting you.

(Read: Leave and Cleave 4: Does it DESTROY family relationships?)

Relationships are already challenging. You don’t need extra weight to pull you down:)

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