I Married A Leader I’m Proud To Support

December 8, 2017
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Kilig, attraction, companionship, financial support —all are important. But in the long term (20, 30,50 years from now) what really matters is purpose.

Why did God put me in this world? I wasn’t placed in this world just to travel, eat chocolate, and be happy.

Richard does not give me purpose. My purpose is between me and God. But after 4 years of being married to Richard, I’m sure that supporting his leadership (as head of the family) is the best way for me to fulfill my own unique calling. (What that is exactly is for another post ;p)

Here’s a list of qualities I think make a good leader/life partner that I appreciate Richard for:

1. He isn’t afraid to tell me the painful truth. I don’t love the pain part, but accepting the truth always brings improvement.




2. He knows he is imperfect. Through many struggles he’s realized where he is weak and isn’t afraid to ask for help. He’s the family leader, but he likes getting my advice.




3. He knows his purpose in life. He could describe in detail what he wants his life to look like when he turns 80— and is practical and realistic about how to get there. This makes him more stable than I am, haha! It was easy for me to decide if his purpose complimented mine.




4. He hates fear, praning & despair. It doesn’t mean he never feels those things, but when he does, he makes sure to get angry at them! Strange as it sounds, it works! A useful trick for me during the times when I’m an emotional wreck!




5. He loves God more than me. I’m happy that we have the same core values. I find comfort in knowing that Richard really sees God as his leader. Its hard to explain in such a short post, but for me, that makes all the difference.



Happy Birthday, love. It’s an honor to be your helpmate.

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