Ninong of No Choice?

June 7, 2014


In my elementary years, Mom & Dad got into some misunderstandings. And sometimes, with all the accumulation of angry words thrown here and there, I yearned to seek comfort under my “godparents/ninongs/ninangs’” wings. But sadly, I could not find them.

Alright, I admit, I immaturely saw them(godparents) as SOURCES OF MATERIAL GIFTS, esp. on Christmas!

But for some misunderstanding with one of my parents, I grew up without “godparents”. I CAN’T even remember THEIR FACES or THE LAST TIME I SAW THEM.

So after a lot of mistakes of “OVER-COMMITTING”, I made a decision to turn down most invitations.

But it was opposite of culture. “Richard, I made you godparent/ninong!” says the good-meaning parent, “…you CANNOT SAY ‘NO’. You have NO CHOICE but to accept.”

But I’ve learned to say “No”. And I realized I DO HAVE A CHOICE.

After hearing majority of my friends HUMBLY ADMIT they have had too much godchildren for them to handle(OR EVEN SEE!), I seriously have to go the other way ?

I say, “Thank You, it’s an honor that you see me fit to be godparent of your child, but truth is, I cannot fulfill the role of being there for your kid as a true godparent through the future years, I’m sorry I don’t want to commit to something I know I won’t be able to do.”

A bit tough. Sometimes heartbreaking. But better than SPREADING MYSELF TOO THIN and be an ABSENTEE GODPARENT to another child. I know that first-hand ?

You have a choice too ?

You can say “No” and pick well ?

You CAN BE a GREAT godparent to a child when his/her parents are losing their way ?

Posted by jon, June 7, 2014


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