Para Sa Mga Naghihintay

April 25, 2018


Last week we were chatting about the past over coffee and chocolate. 😉

By 2002, we realized we were already living only 4 kms away from each other! We did our groceries at the same local supermarket! We hung out at the same mall with our friends, watched movies in the same theater.

We moved around the same general area for many years and never saw each other. We both wondered:

“Ano kaya mangyayari kung nagkita tayo noon?” 

“I’d probably find a way to talk to you and get your number,” Richard laughed. “But you might not like me because I didn’t have any money for a date.”

“I wasn’t attracted to chinitos back then,” I’d laugh. “Plus you might not like me also kasi hindi pa ako marunong mag-ayos.


On a more serious note, I was also very self-rightous and passive-aggressive. I feared criticism. I disliked anyone who wasn’t nice and diplomatic, even if they were telling the truth. I also had a bad habit of lying to save face or avoid fights. 


Back then I was more critical, brutally honest, and impatient with people. Today, my childhood friends laugh with me about how much more difficult it was to deal with me during that time.



Neither of us were ready. Had we met back then and gotten into a relationship, we probably would have a terrible break up and never speak to each other again!

Looking back, it was good that we did not meet in 2002. The separate roads we took before meeting each other were filled with many mistakes! But those mistakes were needed to improve and prepare ourselves for what was to come.

It’s not fun to wait, but it’s always worth it in the end!

Take heart!


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Posted by relationshipmatters, April 25, 2018


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