Should We Believe in “Signs”?

February 25, 2018


Girls of all ages like to ask me, “Do you believe in signs? (To confirm that he’s “the one.”)

Remember that guy I liked for three years, when I was still single, but he didn’t like me back?(Read about it here)

One afternoon, I was waiting for a taxi in front of my apartment building. I was emotionally high from the “innocent” conversation I had with my crush the day before. (Innocent for him, kilig for me ;p)


I playfully said to myself, “If the next car to pass by is a white taxi, with plate number ending in 2, HE (my crush) IS THE ONE!”

Believe it or not —that was EXACTLY what happened next (white taxi, plate no. ending in 2)!!! Pambihira! It’s a sign! I was shocked, then excited, and filled with hope! For the next year or so I clung to that false hope, especially during the times it was obvious that he wouldn’t commit to me.


In contrast, a dear friend and mentor, Acel Van Ommen, told me of the time she decided to “let go” of her crush, Danny. She didn’t think a relationship with him was possible. Soon, another suitor came along and she started to like this new guy. (Know more about Acel & her love story here.)

Then one day, Acel sat beside a random tree in a park with her friends. She was shocked to see a name clearly carved into the tree trunk —“DANNY.” That one thing was enough to confirm in her heart that her new suitor at the time was NOT the one.

The rest, is history. Danny and Acel, together with their 3 sons, will celebrate their 14th wedding anniversary in May 2018. 🙂

I asked Acel, “Back then, were you 100% SURE that you made the right decision —to turn down your suitor just because you saw your old crush’s name carved on a tree?”

Acel and Danny with their three boys 🙂


“No!! I was only sure it was a sign when I looked back, after Danny and I got married,” She laughs. “At the time, it was only a move of faith.”

Oppositely, in my experience, no matter how much ‘faith’ I put in that white taxi sign back then, I still didn’t end up with that guy. Now looking back, married to Richard, I’m happy I was wrong about that “sign”!

“Signs” of the the “right one,” can go either way (right or wrong). And you will never be sure until your 50th wedding anniversary, haha! Be careful of the things you choose to put your faith in.

Share your “it’s a sign!” story with us!

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