The Un-Tourists in Taiwan

April 29, 2018


Four days in Taiwan.

We visit at least twice a year, but when friends ask us where to go in Taiwan, we can’t say much that isn’t already out there in travel blogs. 🙂  We don’t really go as tourists, but as children visiting a mom.

Richard and his Mom 🙂

Because we go so often, we can’t stay too long because of work. We try our best to make the most of our time with Mommy.

Sure, we went to one of favorite night markets –Xi Men Ting (another favorite is Shilin Night Market).

At Xi Men Ting night market:)

But most of the time we stayed in the quiet of Mom’s town. We loved exploring the different “hole-in the wall” stalls…

In front of a Spare ribs soup stall near Mom’s house. BEST. SPARE-RIBS SOUP. EVERRRRR


But some small food stalls didn’t have tables. So we just sat on the side of the street. We visit stalls like this late at night, after bringing Mom home. (Mom deserves a proper table and chair of course!) 🙂

Sitting on the sidewalk

Then we had lunch at a proper vegetarian buffet restaurant with Mommy and Richard’s uncle who also lives in the area. 🙂

Afterwards, more walking and discovering more hole-in-the-wall places to eat!

We’re only familiar with Mommy’s little corner of Taiwan, which isn’t famous for any tourist destination. All we know is –there are kiosks that serve delicious and affordable food, sometimes you need to eat on the street, and there’s a very very special woman we call Mommy.

She’s our best reason to come back.  (More videos with Mom here!)

But ask us about Tokyo. That’s a different story.

What do you like to do together with your mom? 🙂


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