That Time Someone Had to “Referee” Our Fight!

March 25, 2018


Reality check to self — marriage does not mean I will never get my heartbroken again! ;p

Only one month after our beautiful “fairytale” wedding, Richard and I got into a really bad fight! We’d TRY to talk it out, but we’d quickly irritate each other, end up shouting and being disrespectful!

It was so bad that I was tempted to pack my bags and stay with my brother for a while! (I’m the “runner” in the relationship ;p)

But I’ve been warned that running away will never solve my problems. So even if I didn’t feel like it, I urged Richard to call Jayson and Kat Lo to come and “referee” our fight.

We’re so grateful they made time for us that evening. I love them for never taking sides, telling the brutal truth, and teaching from their own experiences.


A big part of why Richard and I are still extremely fond of/kilig with each other even after 4 years, is because of mentors like them who guide us.


I grew up in a broken family. If you are the same, you are familiar with the brokenness (baggage, issues) that comes with it.

Before even getting married, Maricar and I were advised to have married couples who we both respected and felt safe to connect with deeply.

See Jayson Lo’s Facebook page here

Me and Maricar can’t thank this couple enough, we love you Jayson Lo & Kat! Happy 15th Wedding Anniversary!

Thank you for modelling to us how to get through tough times in marriage to see the mountaintops together!❤ #ActionsSpeakLouderThanWords



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