Transporting Truth Over Bridges

June 7, 2014

I remember years ago when someone walked out of my life and chose never to return because of what I said.

I was confused. I knew what I said was true, but I also felt regret much later when I realized my “timing” was off.

I grew up believing that if what I said was “right” and “true”, people would take it well and everything will be fine. Not quite I discovered ?

This article by Steve Murrell puts it very clearly:

Relationships are bridges. Truth is weighty.

The heaver the truth, the stronger the bridge must be to transport the truth without destroying the bridge/relationship.

If the truth is very heavy and the bridge is very weak, we might need to spend some time strengthening the bridge before we try to transport heavy truth across it.

Are your relational bridges strong enough to really speak the truth?
Are you building the kind of relationships that can handle the truth?

This article is a good reminder and check for me ever so often, it challenges me not to just dwell on the “truth”, but to assess the “bridge strength” of the receiver.

Quite difficult because different people around us have different “bridge strengths”. Therefore, we have to juggle and assess every now and then.

So you blew it like me? Grieve enough then pick yourself up again.

Even if you’ve missed it now & then, just keep at it. I guarantee it’s still way more fulfilling than barraging our loved ones with truth in armor-piercing bullets ?

Posted by jon, June 7, 2014


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