Our Un-Instagrammable Holy Week

April 1, 2018


Richard and I spent the Holy Week at home.

We didn’t really do anything “exciting.” We slept late, without setting an alarm for the next day. (What a joy that was!)

I read a book or got some writing done while Richard arranged music for his concert in May. We also got hooked watching some Netflix series online.


We kept watching Designated Survivor season 1(rumors are disappointingly true that Season 2 is not as great as Season 1), Narcos, Stranger Things, Japanese anime Ajin, etc). Sometimes we’d watch episodes taking turns on the treadmill.


We argued on Friday. Richard, brought out some sweets from the refrigerator and teased me that chocolate always made my eyes light up. He joked that chocolate lights up my eyes more than he did. I got annoyed, thinking he’s saying that I love chocolate more than him.

Richard got annoyed that I got annoyed because he was just telling the truth as he saw it.


Haha. Married life. 🙂 Eventually we apologized and made each other smile again. We really just annoy each other sometimes.

Soon we were discussing our future plans over vegetables and re-heated left over spaghetti from the fridge.


After 4 years of living with my wife, I surprisingly discovered “refried left-over” spaghetti is a “high” for her. Although I like my spaghetti saucy and fluid,  refrying the left-over spag on our old teflon pan was really enjoyable for me when I knew it brought back some very happy childhood memories for her.


The next day I helped him cook lamb that he loaded with spices to remove the ma-anggo taste.


I bought a certain “Corned Lamb” in a grocery, and was sad that it didn’t taste good. But there was still a way to save it.

I fried some thyme, rosemary, marjoram and sage(all McCormick) with garlic, white onions, bell peppers and arugula. Added some gata(coconut milk) and some cumin seed powder(to put that Indian curry flavor), and a lot of fresh ground black pepper. Lastly added the corned lamb and cooking wine.


Thank you, Lord for this restful week —just me and my best friend at home. Even after 4 years, and many, many, MANY fights, we are still fond of each other. I’m so happy to just be home.


Because of You we have a home, careers that allow enough quality time together, mentors to guide us, a small, growing business, etc.

This uneventful, un-instagrammable week has helped me remember all the challenges You took me through, and You haven’t stopped working on me since. You make life full of hope. Ang saya ko lang. It’s a happy easter indeed.




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