What Takes More Time: Work or Family?

April 15, 2018


Some people messaged me that my wife looks beautiful as mythical creature “Makiling” in her new TV series “Bagani,” top-billed by the popular loveteam of Liza Soberano & Enrique Gil 🙂

I’m happy that inspite of her acting work and my singing gigs, we still manage to have quality time together.

I grew up with a hardworking dad and a hardworking mom. But their work took a lot of time away from me and my sister too. We had enough money, but honestly needed more quality time to bond.

Other couples though, have a lot of time together, but not enough finances to meet their monthly needs 🙁


Many people (married and singles) at my workplace love their jobs, but are also inspired and challenged to make more time for their loved ones.

To those who can relate to their situation, balancing family and work is not easy. We hope everyone can have success in both areas.

We are just grateful to our managers at Cornerstone Entertainment Inc., STAR MAGIC and the ABS-CBN prod teams who continue to support us to find a good family-work balance:)


Meanwhile, my wife at home is amazingly simple, down-to-earth, honest with her imperfections, witty, funny, patient & very understanding? And frequently satisfies her sweet tooth with her favorite addictions like chocolates, coffee, & cookies:)


Family/Work balance is very challenging, keep your faith up to have the best of both:)

Why work so hard for the money and end up being alone? The best reward of working hard, is having a loving family to welcome you home.

Take heart!



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Posted by relationshipmatters, April 15, 2018


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