Who’s Your Image of Home

June 6, 2014

“…she was my image of home.”

as i listened to a grieving friend tell of his loss, I was touched but slightly bothered.

So I asked the question, “Why is your Aunt your “image of home”? Why not your mom… or dad?”

“Mom is like… a good friend, Dad too.
But it was my Aunt who took the burden and responsibility to raise me up. She was the one who talked to me, engaged me in conversation when I came home in my growing up years.”

I am guilty of having seasons when I prioritized some friends(sometimes work) over family.

Somebody wise would say: “Your circle of friends will go on well without you Richard. At work, they’ll find a better man to replace you. But NOT WITH FAMILY.

You are the ONLY father, mother, son, daughter, sister and brother to your family. You’ve only got ONE SHOT, so make good at it.”

A lot of us start off on the wrong foot unintentionally, but hopefully, we won’t delegate family responsibilities to yayas, aunts, grandmas, or even 24/7 Cable TV!:)

And in the future time of loss, may our families remember us as THEIR image of home:)

Yey! We… their “image of home”:):):)

Posted by jon, June 6, 2014


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