Will Marriage Affect My Work/Career?

May 6, 2018


After 3 years of “it’s complicated,” Richard and I finally got engaged in 2012.

Back then, there weren’t many couples active in showbiz who were married. We were a bit hesitant. Will marriage negatively affect our career opportunities? Do we delay marriage? Was it worth the risk?

Some say marriage might take away some options and freedom, forever.  It really helped to talk it out with several of our happily-married mentors over coffee:)


Fast-forward to 2018…

Recently I met with John Prats, my director for my 10th Anniversary concert. He also directed Moira dela Torre’s music video “Tagpuan,” which highlighted Moira’s engagement to her boyfriend Jason.(theirs is the top trending video last time I checked)

John and I were amazed at this couple. If you think about it, Yeng Constantino (now married to Yan Asuncion) and Moira are both still at the top of their musical careers and both still very young.

There was a time in the past when some artists might have feared GETTING MARRIED. That it MIGHT AFFECT THEIR BLOSSOMING CAREERS.

Now, happily married to actress Isabel Oli(with baby Feather), John has experienced new doors opening for him as a director, and other online projects together with his wife.



The last 4 years(2014-2018), we’ve seen A LOT of influential couples get engaged or married! Here are only a few of them. How do you think their marriages affected their work/careers? Were new opportunities opened to them?

It’s so inspiring that young couples like Yeng & Yan, Moira & Jason got committed seriously while at the peak of their game. It seems they don’t see marriage as a limit to their future potential.

Maybe marriage is an opportunity to achieve things we could never have done ALONE:)

It is true that some good doors will close, but better ones will always open. The best part is, you enter those doors holding hands, together. 

Take heart!


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Posted by relationshipmatters, May 6, 2018


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